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WTW Anlagenbau GmbH supplies another 20ft control room with an integrated lifting platform

WTW Anlagenbau GmbH supplies another 20ft control room with an integrated lifting platform for a 1.6 ton telescope.
During the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), among other things, the reproducible positioning of the lifting platform was tested using a high-precision laser measuring system. It was found that the accuracy when repeatedly approaching the upper end position is better than 0.002° and the height deviation is less than 0.1mm.

The weight of the telescope was simulated with a filled water tank.

WTW Anlagenbau GmbH is a Gold Sponsor of WARR Rocketry

Commentary by WARR Rocketry on Instagram:
“We would like to give a shoutout to our newest Gold Sponsor @wtw_antennas !
With their LSC20 tracking antenna we are able to have excellent telemetry reception of our experimental sounding rocket launches across the entire mission profiles.
The antenna with integrated low noise amplifier automatically tracks the GPS position it receives from our flight computer. It also includes a high-resolution Zoom-Camera as a bonus!
We tested it during the EX-1B launch in May and got 100% coverage over the flight profile. No telemetry packet was lost. Thanks to WTW for lending us the antenna and supporting us technically, as well as organisationally!

We look forward to further collaboration with such an amazing supporter!🚀

#warr #rocketry”

WTW delivers the WTW-31-Pedestal for this Project.

ABISS interface and configuration from Nordic Radar Solutions on Vimeo.

WTW has delivered another WTW-S-23

WTW has delivered a WTW-S-23 including joystick and air-conditioned radome to Milano Systems Srl in Italy.
As a system integrator, Milano Systems Srl has developed a telemetry van as a complete ground station for mobile use.

Drone Jamming

WTW Antennas are now ready for iNET

With the built-in additional electronics developed by WTW, it is possible to build a bidirectional link, e.g. S-band and C-band data sent to the missile to reconfigure the on-board telemetry.
Thus, the antenna system is iNET ready and future-proof for the flight test industry.

The infeed power to the WTW-LSC-20-iNET is max. 0.5W. Internal amplifiers amplify the signal by 33dB before the signal is radiated in the S or C band via the ~ 20dBi antenna

The basic configuration of the WTW-LSC-20-iNET is identical to the WTW-LSC-20.


WTW-Joystick with Fiber Optic link for RF and Control

The WTW-Joystick is a combination of Ethernet joystick and remote controller. Via the WTW joystick the antenna settings can be pre-configured via the touch display, all important parameters and modes can be displayed and controlled.
The WTW-Joystick is also available as fiber optic version, which allows you to connect the RF1, RF2 and CTRL to the antenna via fiber optic. In this case, a fiber optic converter module is installed under the antenna. The steel armored fiber optic cable can then connect the control room to the antenna, which is up to several kilometers away. The receiver can then be connected to the WTW-Joystick or to the antenna, depending on the application. In the configuration where the receiver is in the control room, simply connect the RF1, RF2, AM and AGC connectors between the receiver and the WTW-Joystick by coax cable. When the receiver is at the antenna, the RF1, RF2, AM and AGC connectors of the antenna and receiver are connected by coaxial cable as usual.

CNC milling machine at WTW

At the beginning of 2019, WTW acquired its own CNC milling machine for the production of antenna and pedestals in order to be able to cater to customer requirements even more flexibly and quickly.

How a portable spectrum analyzer can lower telemetry tracking antennas downtime

– Abstract of a SAF Tehnika Blog–

For flight test in civil and military aviation and heavy weaponry tests, it is crucial to receive important data in real time, to analyze flight characteristics and health status during the test. To receive this data, usually, telemetry tracking antennas are used.

Well-designed tracking antennas like the WTW-LSC series from WTW Anlagenbau allow a smooth and easy transfer of crucial data from the flying object to the ground control station even if they are moving fast or operating several kilometers away from the ground station.

These flight or weaponry tests are usually men, time and cost-intensive, so any problem with the telemetric system that might occur during the test has to be solved fast and efficiently. Here the spectrum analyzer, Spectrum Compact, from SAF Tehnika is a real game-changer. Spectrum Compact is deployed and ready for measurement within seconds. The device is specifically designed for the field use and easy to operate, so also technicians unfamiliar with spectrum analyzers can use Spectrum Compact easily.

Using Spectrum Compact, problems with the receiver, transmitter or the cabling can be identified and resolved fast and easy. Which saves valuable time and money. As Spectrum Compact is the size of a smartphone it can easily be carried at any time, which improves the reaction time of the troubleshooting technician even further.

Currently, Spectrum Compact is available in the frequencies 2-40Ghz, 56-67Ghz and 70-87Ghz. Additionally, a Signal Generator in the same form factor in frequency range 6-40Ghz is available.

WTW Satellite Laser Ranging Container

News at DW Nachrichten. Our Satellite laser Ranging Container is shown from Minute 2:17