WTW Anlagenbau GmbH can deliver complete sollutions for your needs and projects.

The WTW Autotracking Antenna line can be completed with Airborne Antennas, Amplifiers, Data Acquisition and Encoding Systems, Data Distribution, Data Switching and Distribution, Flight Radar Transponders, Flight Termination Systems, Flight Termination and Transponder Test Sets, GPS Tracking Units, Multiplexer, Telemetry and Tracking Receivers, Telemetry Transmitter, Unmanned Systems and so on.

The WTW-Joystick is a combination of Ethernet joystick and remote controller. Via the WTW joystick the antenna settings can be pre-configured via the touch display, all important parameters and modes can be displayed and controlled.
The WTW-Joystick is also available as fiber optic version, which allows you to connect the RF1, RF2 and CTRL to the antenna via fiber optic. In this case, a fiber optic converter module is installed under the antenna. The steel armored fiber optic cable can then connect the control room to the antenna, which is up to several kilometers away. The receiver can then be connected to the WTW-Joystick or to the antenna, depending on the application. In the configuration where the receiver is in the control room, simply connect the RF1, RF2, AM and AGC connectors between the receiver and the WTW-Joystick by coax cable. When the receiver is at the antenna, the RF1, RF2, AM and AGC connectors of the antenna and receiver are connected by coaxial cable as usual.