Service, repair and upgrade of existing Systems.

We offer comprehensive services, maintenance, repair or updates for any of your existing System (regardless of the manufacturer).

– Verification of the antenna system
– Lubrication of all bearings
– attenuation measurement
– cleaning

Repair work:
– Replacing the drive components
– Exchange of ball bearings
– Exchange of servo controllers
– Exchange feeds
– Exchange of seals
(it must be clarified in each case whether replacement parts are still available)

– Modernization of the drive components
– Modernization of the servo controller
– Modernization of the reflectors
– Modernization of feeds

Example of done and current work at DLR Neustrelitz
– Installation of dry air compressorBild9
– Installation of Low Loss Cable
– New development of Dipols for more G/T
– Installation of a new Filter for another Frequency
– Installation of a Test Dipol for transmitting a Test Signal to the Feed
– Service Contract



WTW Engineers are responsible for the technical development and the design of Auto Tracking Antennas, which were delivered in the last 17 years to customers all over the world.

That are well-known customers in the aviation and aerospace industry in Europe, USA, Asia and South Africa.
WTW Engineers developed and designed small portable Antennas, and customized mobile and stationary Antennas with up to 6.3 m Diameter (example 6.3m Antenna DLR Neustrelitz, see Picture ebove) for other companies .


March 2015feed_wtw_antenna
In cooperation with our customer WTW Engineers improved the G/T of an existing 6,3m Antenna at DLR Neustrelitz from 17,68dB/°K to 19,05dB/°K (S-Band) by developing a complete new L/S-Band Cross-Dipol. A part of that work was the Installation of new RF cabling, dry air supply for the antenna feed and a new cavity filter for another frequency.