WTW-S-31 Stationary High Gain S-Band Autotracking Antenna

The WTW-S-31 High Gain S-Band Autotracking Antenna (S-Band) is a new generation of two axis Autotracking antennas for the stationary application. The unique design includes Smart Connected GUI. The antenna is IP67, therefore no Radom needed. An immediate calibration occurs after switching on the Antenna by the absolute Encoders in both axis (no calibration drive needed). An Embeded Webpage controls the Antenna and allows up to 4 operators to look at the Antenna Parameters through High Speed Ethernet and/or secured WIFI with a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. We developed the first 3D animated Antenna GUI in the world and we proudly showed it the first time at the ITC 2014 Show in San Diego and again in 2015 where it was officially launched in the USA and available through WTW Tracking Antennas LLC for purchase.

• Gain:
~ 30.5 dBi @ 2350 MHz

• Velocity:
> 20°/sec both axis

• Accelleration:
up to 40°/sec² both axis

• Backlash:
< 0.016° both axis

• Encoders:
26bit absolute Encoders both axis

• Weight:
 ~ 495 lbs

• Size of Planar Antenna:
~ 5ft x 5ft

• Features:
– Auto Calibration
– Differential GPS and Magnetometer Heading
– Ultrasonic Wind Sensor for Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure




WTW-S-31 mobile Autotracking Antenna