WTW staff is responsible for the technical development and the design of Autotracking Antennas, which were delivered to customers all over the world.
That are well-known customers in the aviation and aerospace industry in Europe, USA, Asia and South Africa.
There were small portable Antennas, and customized mobile and stationary Antennas with up to 6.3 m diameter that wtw staff developed and designed for other companies.

In cooperation with our customer WTW Engineers improved the G/T of an existing 6,3m Antenna (designed and developed by WTW Engineer in 2010/2011) at DLR Neustrelitz from 17,68dB/°K to 19,05dB/°K (S-Band) by developing a complete new L/S-Band Cross-Dipol. A part of that work was the Installation of new RF cabling, dry air supply for the antenna feed and a new cavity filter for another frequency.