WTW 20ft Telescope Station

The WTW 20ft Telescope Station based on a 20ft Container layout was modified for the customer according to his specifications in the roof area and has a high-precision 4-spindle lifting platform that is designed for extremely high loads. This meant that the customer could install a large telescope.

The control room itself only had to be slightly adapted to customer requirements. This meant that the 20ft container could be manufactured relatively quickly using an existing container solution that had been sold several times in a similar configuration.

Video ©ESA

This video was kindly provided by ESA and shows in time-lapse the integration of the large telescope, which was carried out by the customer himself.
The lifting platform was provided with the correct hole pattern for the telescope mount during construction.

  • The container is equipped with 3 workstations in the standard configuration and is fully air-conditioned and heated
  • After positioning the container on solid ground, the lifting frame of the lifting platform is decoupled from the container via 4 lifting cylinders by moving them through recesses in the container floor onto the solid subfloor and lifting the lifting frame
  • The loading weight of the lifting plan is up to 2,000kg
  • The starting repeatability of the lifting platform in the upper position is better than 0.002° and better than 0.1mm

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