WTW-S-1.2m-MIMO Tracking Antenna for flight tests

The WTW-S-1.2m-MIMO is a compact portable, mobile dual axis MIMO Tracking Antenna in S-Band.
Portable and light weight, it is ideally suited for drone (UAS), missile and general flight test applications requiring a bidirectional link..

With the adapted additional MIMO Radio, it is possible to build a bidirectional link in S-band. Other bands on request.

The infeed power to the WTW-S-1.2m-MIMO is up to 2x 20W.

• Weight:
– appr. 55 kg / 110 lbs
• Frequency:
– S-Band (other Bands on request)
• Gain: ~27dBi @2300MHz
• Dimension (EL. 0°): 4ft x 3.5ft x 4.5ft (WxDxH)
• Polarisation: RHCP und LHCP
• Mode:
– Manual-, Program-, Trajectory-, and GPS-track
– Control through WTW-Smart-GUI, WTW-Joystick, NMEA 0183, UDP
• Torque:
– Az. max. 65Nm
– El. max. 65Nm
• Velocity:
– Az. max. 30°/sec
– El. max. 30°/sec
• Movement:
– Az. unlimited (Slipring)
– El. -5° up to 90°
• Calibration:
– Absolut encoders in both axes
• operational Windspeed: up to 55mph
• IP65
• stowed: up to 80mph

• Integrated GigE Full HD camera with 30x optical zoom

• optional control over fiber optic
• optional WTW-Joystick-Ethernet or WTW-Joystick-FO (fiber optic)