The WTW-31-Pedestal dual axis Pedestal is a high-precision positioner that we install as a pedestal for our larger antenna systems, such as the WTW-SX-31, or in a modified WTW-s-31-P that can be dismantled into modules.
Our customers also use this positioner for their own systems and install their own radar antennas, or varying HF attachments, e.g. for experimental research in the aerospace sector.WTW-31-Pedestal

• Weight: appr. 130 kg
• Dimension (Park Position): appr. 2,2ft x 1ft x 5,4ft (WxDxH) (height can be customized)
• Mode:
– Auto-, Slave-, Manual-Tracking
• Backlash: less then 1 arcmin (0.016°)
• Positioning Accuracy: better then 0.001°
• Torque:
– Az. max. 1000 Nm (or customized)
– El. max. 1000 Nm (or customized)
• Speed:
– Az. max. 21°/sec (or customized)
– El. max. 21°/sec (or customized)
• Movement:
– Az. unlimited (Slipring and optional Dual Channel Rotary Joint up to 18 GHz)
– El. -5° up to 95°
• operational Windspeed: up to 65mph
• stowed: up to 100mph

The highest quality materials are also used in this positioner, such as Cycloid gears from a German manufacturer or absolute encoders with a resolution of 26bit.
As with our antenna systems, operation via our web-based software and the ACU built into the pedestal is extremely simple and intuitive.