The WTW-31-DD-Pedestal dual axis direct-drive is an ultra-high-precision 2-axis positioner with hollow shafts in both drive trains, so this positioner is also used by our customers for laser ranging, whereby the laser is then guided from the outside via mirrors through the hollow axes to the transmitting telescope.

This example is used as a Telescope Mount with Coudé Path

• Weight: appr. 250 kg
• Payload: up to 150 kg
• Coudé Path: 50 mm Diameter
• Backlash: no Backlash because direct drive
• Pointing Accuracy: better 2µrad
• Dimension (Park Position): appr. 4ft x 1,5ft x 5ft (WxDxH)
• Mode:
– Auto-, Slave-, Manual-Tracking
• Torque:
– Az. max. 100 Nm (or customized)
– El. max. 100 Nm (or customized)
• Speed:
– Az. max. 60°/sec (or customized)
– El. max. 60°/sec (or customized)
• Movement:
– Az. unlimited (Slipring)
– El. 0° up to 90°
• operational Windspeed: up to 65mph
• stowed: up to 100mph

This is an example of a delivered trailer system in which the WTW-31-DD pedestal was installed in an air-suspended trailer with remote-controlled self-propulsion designed by WTW. In addition to the storage and equipment compartments required by the customer, the trailer also has 2 water tanks to weigh down the trailer. The trailer is also equipped with leveling stamps on the outer corners to ensure a stable base for the WTW-31-DD pedestal.
In the photo, the pedestal is provided with a plexiglass cover instead of the painted cover during a presentation.