WTW-RCT 1-axis-roll-compensator

For applications of our WTW-LSC-20 autotracking antenna series aboard a ship, we have developed the WTW-RTC 1-axis-roll-compensator.
If required, it can be split into 2-man portable modules within 20 minutes and reassembled at the same time. So a transport is possible even without a crane. Of course, it is also possible to move the fully assembled 1-axis roll compensator in the assembled state by crane. For this purpose, the 1-axis roll compensator has corresponding straps on which the lifting eyes can be attached by the crane.
When selecting the materials, special attention was paid to the special environmental conditions at sea.

max. velocity: 10°/sec
max. travel: +-30°
leveling accuracy: better then 2°

WTW-RTC 1-axis roll compensation table

Test on a motion simulator. Our brand new WTW-RCT 1-axis roll compensation table for the stabilization of our WTW-LSC-20 on a ship. Here, the rolling motion of the ship is simulated and tested to see if the WTW-RTC compensates for this movement.

Gepostet von WTW Anlagenbau GmbH am Montag, 2. September 2019

This video shows the WTW-RTC with built-in WTW-LSC-20 on a motion simulator. The antenna is in auto tracking mode and looks at a static transmitter.