Mobile Telemetry Station

WTW-20ft MTC, a mobile Telemetry Station with our dual axis auto tracking Antennas
This mobile Telemetry Station is designed for mobile und stationary applications for drone (UAV), missile and general flight tests.

Telemetry Station 20ft Container

• 20ft standard steel containers lined with insulating material
• Corner Castings at all 8 corners
• Painted in custom colour
• 2 container doors
• 2 doors
• 2 windows
• Severed equipment room for air conditioning, emergency generator and crank mast designed as a drip tray for collecting all fluids according to WHG
• 5 KW split air conditioning with heating
• 5-6 kVA diesel generator with internal tank
• crank mast and the appropriate roof recess
• Fitted kitchen with clean and dirty water tank
• Anti-static floor in the work area
• 3x Rittal enclosure 600x800x2000 ( WxDxH )
• 1 work area for 1 person and 1 work area for 2 persons with a total of 3 office chairs
• 1 folding table in the kitchen area
• ceiling lighting , and 3 sockets per workstation
• Power and network cables to the switch cabinet