WTW-S-26 MIMO Tracking Antenna

The WTW-S-26-MIMO is a compact portable, mobile dual axis MIMO Tracking Antenna in S-Band.
Portable and light weight, it is ideally suited for drone (UAS), missile and general flight test applications requiring a bidirectional link..

With the adapted additional MIMO Radio, it is possible to build a bidirectional link in S-band. Other bands on request.

The infeed power to the WTW-S-26-MIMO is up to 4x 20W.

• Weight:
– appr. 45 kg / 99 lbs
• Frequency:
– S-Band (other Bands on request)
• Dimension (EL. 0°): 31,5″ x 16″ x 39″ (WxDxH)
• Polarisation: RHCP und LHCP
• Mode:
– Manual-, Program-, Trajectory-, and GPS-track
– Control through WTW-Smart-GUI, WTW-Joystick, NMEA 0183, UDP
• Torque:
– Az. max. 65Nm
– El. max. 65Nm
• Velocity:
– Az. max. 40°/sec
– El. max. 40°/sec
• Movement:
– Az. unlimited (Slipring)
– El. -5° up to 90°
• Calibration:
– Absolut encoders in both axes
• operational Windspeed: up to 65mph
• IP65
• stowed: up to 100mph

• optional control and RF over fiber optic
• optional WTW-Joystick-Ethernet or WTW-Joystick-FO (fiber optic)

WTW-S-26 4×4 MIMO Tracking Antenna on a customer building during flight tests. For the data link, a STREAMCASTER 4400E from SILVUS was integrated into the WTW antenna and a second STREAMCASTER 4400E from SILVUS was installed in the aircraft.

Test of the WTW-S-26-MIMO in connection with Silvus radios.
1 radio sends data via the data link NMEA0183, which is fed into the radio via NMEA simulation software, to the ground antenna with the 2nd radio installed on it. The antenna then tracks based on the NMEA0183 data.