WTW-42-20ft 2 axis positioning system

The WTW-42-20ft 2-axis positioner with an integrated INU is designed for mobile use on a 20ft container basis.
The air-conditioned turntable is equipped with 3 pieces 19 inch control cabinets, each with 42U on vibration dampers. The extra-deep control cabinets can take a load of around 750kg.

The system has a differential GPS measuring system for exact north calibration as well as a pitch and roll measuring system for automatic elevation compensation when the entire system is at an angle.

The elevation support is designed in such a way that a wide variety of configurations for equipping with antennas, radars, cameras, measuring instruments, etc. can be specified by the customer.

The system is designed in such a way that road transport is possible without special permits because the maximum dimensions are within the legal limits.

The turning speeds are 35°/sec for azimuth and 25°/sec for elevation. The travel ranges are for azimuth +-350° (total 700°) and for elevation from -60° (transport position) to +90°.
An optional slip ring assembly is available for unlimited rotation in the azimuth axis.

The removable (Twistlock in the corners of the container) parking supports can be extended up to 800mm and can be easily adjusted in height individually or in pairs thanks to the flanged gearing using the hand crank supplied.
When not in use, the parking supports are secured on the flat and the accessories are stowed in the mounted frame boxes.