WTW-LSC-20 Dual- and Tri-Band Autotracking Antenna

WTW-LS-20, a portable, mobile dual axis Autotracking Antenna with C-Band or X-Band Option (WTW-LSC-20 or WTW-LSX-20 Tri-Band). Also the following Systems are availible: , WTW-CX-20, WTW-C-20 or WTW-X-20.
This portable light weight Telemetry Autotracking Antenna for mobile und stationary applications is perfect for drone (UAV), missile and general flight tests.

Our WTW-LSC 20 or WTW-LSX 20 Tri-Band Autotracking Antenna is the perfect mobile solution to be C-Band ready.

WTW-LS 20 one man portable

The WTW-LS 20 (Dual-Band), WTW-C 20 (Single-Band), WTW-X 20 (Single-Band) and WTW-LSC 20 (Tri-Band) and WTW-LSX 20 (Tri-Band) are a new generation of two axis Autotracking antennas. The unique design includes Smart Connected GUI. The antenna is IP66, therefore no Radom needed. An immediate calibration occurs after switching on the Antenna to set the absolute Encoders in both axis (no calibration drive needed). An Embeded Webpage controls the Antenna and allows up to 4 operators to look at the Antenna Parameters through High Speed Ethernet and/or secured WIFI with a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. We developed the first 3D animated Antenna GUI in the world and we proudly showed it the first time at the ITC 2014 Show in San Diego and again in 2015 where it was officially launched in the USA.

• Gain:
– ~ 15dBi @ 1850 MHz
– ~ 19dBi @ 2350 MHz
– ~ 19dBi @ 4650 MHz
– ~ 20dBi @ 5150 MHz
– ~ 19dBi @ 7200 MHz (Option)
• Optional 3dBi more Gain:
– ~ 18dBi @ 1850 MHz (no C-Band included)
– ~ 22dBi @ 2350 MHz (no C-Band included)
– ~ 22dBi @ 4650 MHz (no L- and S-Band included)
– ~ 23dBi @ 5150 MHz (no L- and S-Band included)
– ~ 22dBi @ 7200 MHz (no L- and S-Band included)

Also as WTW-CX 20 Dual-Band available.

• Frequency Ranges:
– Lower L-Band (L): 1435-1540 MHz (standard)
– Upper L-Band (U): 1710-1850 MHz (standard)
– S-Band (S): 2200-2400 MHz (standard)
– NATO E-Band (E): 2185-2485 MHz (standard)
– C1 Band (C1): 4400-4940 MHz (standard)
– C2 Band (C2): 5091-5150 MHz (standard)
– C2e Band (C2e): 5091-5250 MHz (standard)
– upper C-Band: 5250-6000 MHz (standard)
– X-Band: 6500-8000 MHz (Option, down converted)
(Custom RF bands available, please consult the factory)

• Optional Downconverter:
– C1 Band, C2 Band and C2e Band down to any frequency in the CIF Band, LL Band, UL Band, S Band, extended S Band, 70 MHz and 140MHz
• Weight:
– appr. 27kg (WTW-LS 20 Dual-Band and WTW-C 20 Single-Band)
– appr. 30kg (WTW-LSC 20 and WTW-LSX 20 Tri-Band)
– appr. 30kg (WTW-CX 20 Dual-Band)
• Dimension (EL. 0°): 27,5″ x 11″ x 26″ (WxDxH)
• Polarisation: RHCP und LHCP
• Mode:
– Manual-, Program-, Trajectory-, GPS- and Autotrack (single channel monopulse tracking)
– GPS position compensation
– GPS Tracking Module RS-232/422/485 to Ethernet (NMEA0183)
• Filter: WTW-Filter, Bandpass selectable through GUI or optional Bandpassfilter
• Torque:
– Az. ~50Nm
– El. ~50Nm
• Velocity:

– Az. max. 60°/sec
– El. max. 60°/sec
• Backlash:
– Az. max. 2arcmin
– El. max. 2arcmin
• Movement:
– Az. unlimited (Slipring)
– El. -5° up to 90°
• Calibration:
– Absolut encoders in both axis
• operational Windspeed: up to 65mph
• stowed: up to 100mph

– optional control and RF over fiber optic

In the Video we transmitted a Signal on 5150 MHz and converted it down in the antenna to 2235 MHz. That Signal was going into our Single Chanel Monopulse Electronic and then the Sum-Signal to the Lumistar LS27 what is an optional part of the WTW-LSC-20 (Model 2014) Autotrack Antenna.

WTW-LSC-20 (Model 2020) Outdoor test.

First Generation WTW-LS-20 Outdoor test

First Generation WTW-LSC-20 Outdoor test

WTW-S-23 Autotracking Test during FAT

WTW-S-23 Autotracking Test during FAT

WTW has delivered a WTW-S-23 including joystick and air-conditioned radome to Milano Systems Srl in Italy.
As a system integrator, Milano Systems Srl has developed a telemetry van as a complete ground station for mobile use.