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Flight tests in USA

Portable Auto Tracking Antenna, the WTW-LSC 20

– Abstract of a Rampart Defense Solutions Newsletter –

The newest man portable, tri band tracking system with the optional Lumistar 2 channel receiver, is a complete Ethernet based, three band tracking system with camera and built-in GUI. We just completed several days of testing the antenna tracking system in very cold weather tracking aircraft on the runway out to over 85 miles down range.

Some preliminary results of testing:
The antenna worked really well tracking a V-22 aircraft that was running on the taxiway with a 10 Watt L-Band transmitter. The rotors chopping the signal, piles of snow, chain link fences and numerous hangers nearby all contributed to the worst possible multipath environment but the LSC-20 continued to track while the aircraft took off, hovered over a snow and ice covered field and later landed.

The antenna also tracked a new F-35 fighter as it ran up , taxied to the active runway and took off behind a stand of trees and a large hanger. The Navy engineer in charge of all the Pax River antennas later told our team that it tracked all the way across the Chesapeake bay to Wallops Island and beyond for a distance of about 85 miles as measured on their TSPI system. This aircraft had a 20 Watt L Band transmitter and was flying low level across the bay and then at 15K ft. over the ocean.

We also witnessed a solid track on other orbiting and over flying aircraft in both L and S Band at the N.A.S. During the tests the antenna was sitting on top of a small scissor lift about 6-8 ft. above the ground.

The antenna has also been successfully tested in Germany tracking a small drone with a 1/10 watt C-Band transmitter in the snow.
Contact John Pflueger for more information or 865 643-2303